Hair and Skin Services

Prices below are starting prices and subject to change during your consultation.  Call the salon to speak with a particular stylist for a personalized quote.

Haircut, Shampoo & style: $50 and up

Shampoo, Blow Dry & Style : $35 and up

Kid’s Cuts (Under 12) $25 and up

Formal Hairstyling:  $65 and up

Full Color: $90 and up

Roots:  $85 and up

Balayage $165 and up

Full Highlights: $125 and up

Partial Highlights: $95 and up

Special Occasion Makeup Complete your look with professionally applied makeup, the perfect finishing touch for any very special day – Pricing Available Upon Consultation with Angela and Galilee

Eyebrow and face waxing also available

Medical Aesthetics offered only by Angela

615- 762-8065  or find her on her on instagram @artistry_fromtheneckup
Give Angela a call for consult in starting skin regimen, booking, or for more information!

Make Up Application $55 ( add lashed $10)

Custom Facial   $55- cleansing, exfoliation and massaging the face that stimulates blood flow.  Gives skin a more youthful appearance and helps with oil balance.

Dermalsuction Facial  $65- A non-invasive treatment using a suction vacuum tool to target deep cleansing, pore reduction, blackhead removal, blood circulation and stimulation of collagen and elastin production.

Dermaplaning  $55- A simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine villus hair.  This allows for skin care products to penetrate deeper into the layers of skin.

Glycol Chemical Peel  $65- chemical exfoliation containing alpha hydroxyl-acid.  Peel encourages skin cell regeneration and removes the dead outer layer of skin.  It plugs within the pore, leaving the face smooth and clean of bacteria. After peel skin will feel tight and have redness and will begin to slough and shed.

Vitamin C Mask  $40- powerful anti-aging and hydrating mask that treats signs of aging and sun damage.

Laser Spot Treatment  $40 per session – beam of light radiation neutralizes the PH balance of the skin, attacks bacteria, & helps with cell stimulation.  Age spots will fade gradually and require 3 to 5 sessions. Treats dark spots, rosacea and broken blood vessels.  You cannot receive treatment if you are pregnant or sunburned

Cryotherapy  $75 per area- use of liquid nitrogen used to destroy abnormal tissue, allowing new tissue to form. Can be used on sunspots, cystic acne and helps with inflammation.

Microneedling (face)  $200 ( or 3 for $575) – designed to invoke the healing response in your skin by causing micro trauma using a pen with a small head that contains 10 tiny needles and vibrates at a high power. Promoting collagen and elasticity that  gives a “plumper” look.  Redness and peeling will occur post treatment.  Topical Lidocaine is used for  numbing.

Microneedling (décolletage’)  $75- add on to service

Microneedling (neck)   $50- add on to service

Photo Dynamic Therapy Mask ( light therapy)  $25 per session- improve skin texture

Microdermabrasion  $75 -sanding down the surface layer of skin with a rapidly rotating sanding instrument.  Rejuvenating skin allowing increase absorption of skin care products.

Lip Therapy  $25- exfoliation and hydration for lips

Eye Soothing Therapy  $25- helps puffiness, dark circles and improvement for circulation and lymphatic drainage

Eye Brow Tinting  $30

Lash Tinting  $40

Bikini Wax  $40 Brow wax $15, Lip Wax $15